In G6 (the ground floor archaeology lecture theatre) at 4pm on March 12th, speeches will take place . After that, everyone will be given the chance to vote, using a ballot paper. If You cannot attend, you can vote by email (please send your choices to .

Below you can find all the paragraphs from candidates in the upcoming SAS 2012/2013 elections

If you wish to run in the elections, please send a paragraph to


Georgina Barrett: 

Hello there!

I'd like to nominate myself for Webmaster in the SAS.
As well as being a self confessed computer nerd, I have won awards for my web design skills including the 2012 Japan Foundation Web Page Contest for Best Design. I've been creating and designing websites since I learned how to use the internet, and I feel these skills would help me to continue the work that has already been done on the web for the SAS. I'm also a good laugh and know how to have a good time, and would be happy to help anyone with any problems they might have on any subject, not strictly computer related. Because of all of this, I feel I'd make a great addition to the SAS next year.
Georgina Barrett


Laura Moore:

Hey guys,

So itís taken me awhile to think about why I would make a good president of the SAS. And maybe thatís one good quality I can list: I donít rush into things and I take my time when making important decisions. As a person, I believe Iím able to get on with, relate to and help pretty much anyone that needs it, and I enjoy being able to do so. Iím outgoing in a good way, and like to think I can be a lot of fun, though Iím happy to say, my age doesnít allow me to make a complete idiot out of myself...If you discount Monday nights...
With regards to interests and experience, thereís a lot! I love anything to do with the Middle East and biblical archaeology, I dislike the Romans greatly (I do however respect them), and I seem to have developed a like of pottery. I have roughly 14 weeks of excavation experience with community archaeology projects and commercial units on mostly Roman and Medieval sites. Iíve volunteered at several museums, mostly working in outreach work with young children back home (teaching them about, yes, youíve guessed it, THE ROMANS), so I have a lot of experience managing big groups of people, as well as children. Iím also currently editing a community archaeology book that will be published later on this year which highlights one of my goals in life - to make archaeology more accessible to the public. As you can probably tell, archaeology has been my life for a long time now...and so other than the general, reading, writing short stories and socialising, my other Ďinterestsí have taken a bit of a back-seat!
In another life I was a manager of a bar and live music venue. This has given me a lot of experience in organising big events and dealing with a stressful job, so I am more than fully equipped to deal with the stresses and strains that being president will bring and I'm willing to take on that challenge.
Many of you know, because I may have mentioned it a few million times, that being president isnít something Iíve just decided. I wanted it right from the start because it gives me the opportunity to give back what has been put in by others over the years. I also want to be involved in making sure that next years freshers (and the rest of the institute!) enjoy events like Primtech and the winter ball as much as we did, because I believe they are so important in making the Institute what it is: one big, however dysfunctional, family. And I believe that my dedication, insight and imagination would help to make next year as memorable as this one.

Laura x

Alex Osborne :

Hi everyone,
Iím Alex, Iím a first year Archaeology and Anthropology student and I would love to be President of the SAS.  I came here on the back of travelling around South East Asia on my gap year where I feel that I became more independent and confident. I have had a great time with the IoA and particularly liked the impact that the SAS had on my experience here. It is because of this that I feel like Iíd like to join the SAS and help add to the experience that Iíve had to help the new students next year. There was a great sense of welcome when I arrived, particularly at Primtech, and I would enjoy trying to make the new students feel the same way. Those who know me know that I have a very approachable personality as I have made an effort to talk to and become friends with as many people as I can. I am calm, fair person and will listen to any suggestions or ideas that anyone has to offer. I feel that as President, I will be hard working and committed to making everyoneís voices being heard and Iíll make sure we al have a good time next year. 

Mara Kalsi:

Hi everyone,


Essentially, my goal is to make sure that you guys really enjoy yourselves and have someone that you can trust and rely upon for any kind of situation. So I have decided to run as President for the SAS because I enjoy the fact that it requires me to interact with a variety of people, whether it is pottery enthusiasts or Bsc students but also to utilise my skills as a hard-worker -  getting the job done with a good zeal of enthusiasm!

My interests developed in archaeology due to being part of a two-week excavation at Silchester and my particular fascination was with roman roundhouses and roads (I like structures YAY) two years ago. This spurred me on to pursue a degree in Classical Archaeology and Classical Civilizations. Among my interests with the twist of archaeology and an element of classics includes Latin, AUGUSTUS, who I thoroughly enjoyed writing about doing my International Baccalaureate Extended Essay and my appeal to every ancient structure in Rome.

 Aside from these interests and experience in excavation, I believe I can work under pressure with large groups of people, demonstrated by volunteering in the Museum of Rural English Life in Reading. This experience allowed me to organise tours and communicate with people from all walks of life as well as learning about the delights of combine harvesters in Reading. I would like to think that this experience has helped me to be a more outgoing and sociable person which I enjoy being.  However, I believe I am also an organised and friendly person that is willing to take on any challenges that are presented and would work collaboratively with a wide group of people as well.

 Having been President of Hughes Parry Hall this year (Intercollegiate Halls), which I have enjoyed so much; helping to co-ordinate large events such as halls parties or dealing with any problems or issues people raise would not be a problem as I am an approachable and dedicated person to whatever a task entails. This role has also allowed me to develop a sense of balance between work, responsibilities and hobbies and I would apply this to what the President of SAS demands.

However, most importantly, I would like to continue with the amazing work that last yearís SAS did for us including PRIMTECH (with which I enjoyed the last night thoroughly aided by some beer and cider), social events such as the Winter ball which was fantastic and the general vibrant atmosphere they have created, which has definitely made me feel welcome within my first year at UCL. And so, as a final summary, I would not wish to think that Iím a complete Hydra, but I believe I will be an enthusiastic, organised, hard-working and completely approachable President if elected by you and a challenge I would gladly accept.


Mara xx



Alex Bliss:

My name is Alex, and I'd really like to put myself up to run for the position of secretary in the SAS.
Although I devote large parts of my life to archaeology, cycling, numismatics, and appreciating real ale, I feel well able to equally devote it to being a member of the SAS! I really want to be able to represent and help my peers, as well as the new students next year. I was secretary of the classics society in my last year of school, so I well understand what the role entails and what will be expected of me. This has allowed me to appreciate the importance of a sense of maturity as well as having fun, but also to be 100% reliable, dependable, and approachable! The position of secretary is an administrative role as well as a supporting one to the president and treasurer, and I know I can work well in both these aspects. It is these qualities, I feel, that would allow me to work well alongside the other members of the SAS, and in helping and supporting everyone with any problems they might have.
Yours, Alex Bliss

Stevii Marshall 
Hey everyone, I'm Stevii, and I'd like to run for Secretary of the SAS.  A lot of you probably know of me from Primtech or Monday nights, but I do actually do some serious things in addition to having fun.  I am, contrary to popular belief, literate, and have experience in writing things down.  I heard somewhere that those are useful for being a secretary.  In all seriousness though, I think I would bring a lot to the position.  I'm currently the Social Secretary of Astor College, so I know how these kinds of things work.  While I may not be particularly great with speeches (please don't judge me based on how red my face gets when I'm up there), I'm really great at listening, and I've tried my best to try to get to know a lot of you during the last few months.  Theoretically, that should serve to make you guys comfortable with letting me know if you have any ideas or concerns that need to be brought up, or even if you just want to know if anything at all productive happens in the meetings.  Apart from all that though, I'm just a really awesome person.  Vote for Stevii!

Social Secretary  

Nuala Sheils McNamee and Stacey Johnson.

Hiya guys, weíre Nuala and Stacey (aka. Nacey), and weíd like to run for Social Secretaries of the SAS. For anyone who knows us, we always come as a pair. Weíre a bit mad, sometimes too enthusiastic, but always end up having a good time. We like to think that we would make good social secretaries, because we try to include as many people as physically possible, whether it is on a night out or just a drink at the union. If we became social secretaries we would listen to as many different ideas as possible, no matter how quirky or crazy, when it came to planning events; our main focus would be that everyone had a good night. When it comes to planning and organising, we are always on the same wavelength, and work really well together and apart. To be honest, we would both have a really good time being social secretaries and hopefully repeating the great events that we all had this year, plus creating some new ones of our own.

Hope you vote for us,

Nuala and Stacey

Mature Student Representative: 


Hi guys,
My nameís Letty and I would like to run for mature student rep. Iím in my 30s, so have the mature bit sorted, and, apart from some modules I did previously with the Open University, this is my first university experience. So a bit about what I did before thisÖ.. In my life Iíve had a variety of jobs including retail management, office work, and a dreadful experience in a potato packing factory (never again!). For the last few years I worked as an English language (TEFL) teacher, both in the UK and during the four years when I lived in Spain. I loved teaching English, partly because it brought me into contact with such a variety of people. I also had a senior position and had responsibilities for helping other members of staff on any issues they had, something which I really enjoyed and was also pretty good at, and a skill thatís certainly useful for an SAS rep.  However, much as I loved teaching students the finer points of English grammar, Iíve always wanted to do Archaeology, so Iím really happy to be here. As far as my personal interests go, well the usual really, cycling, the Palaeolithic, reading, drinking Guinness, watching horror films etc..
Iíd like to run for mature rep because Iím aware that as mature students we sometimes have slightly different issues. Most of us have other responsibilities that we have to balance with study, along with the fact that it can be a bit of a shock to the system being back in full time education (it was for me anyway). However, I think itís really important that we still feel part of the student body as a whole and that we get involved as much as possible. That said, if I were a member of the SAS, I hope Iíd be someone that anyone could come to with any issues they had, not just the mature students.

Publicity Officer:

Louise Bott: 

Hello Everyone!
I would like to run for the position of publicity officer.  I found it quite difficult settling in here in my first few days, but what really helped me was the support I received from a current SAS member, her friendliness  and advice made me feel much better and I would love to be able to help the next batch of first years settle in. I love the IoA and all of the brilliant and crazy people I have met here and I would be thrilled to represent them and become more involved next year! I enjoy attending all the SAS events and would like to help out and promote them! I think I would have a lot of fun designing posters and flyers for the events and working with a team of my amazing first years!
Louise Bott (botty)

Charlotte Ellinas:

Hello all,
I have decided to run for the position of Publicity Officer in the SAS. People have said that I am a nice, confident, approachable sort of person and I think that these are all important qualities to have as a prospective member of the SAS. I am also quite sociable so would hopefully be able to generate interest for the SAS events by being my usual (loud) self. Being Head Girl last year has taught me how to manage my time effectively so I think that I will be able to cope with the added responsibilities. The SAS position of Publicity Officer is a creative one and as you may or may not know I am quite an arty person. As well as getting an A* in my Art A-Level, I have also had my paintings up for sale in a local gallery and have recently had my work selected for a UCL student exhibition. Hopefully this shows that I have the necessary skills to help the future SAS events get the exposure that they deserve by making eye catching and original posters. I would take pride in making sure that my posters were as pretty and professional as possible - nice bit of 'creative' alliteration there! Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that it earns your vote.
All the best,
Charlotte Ellinas

OverSeas Representative:

Tahiya Qureshi:

Hi everyone! My name is Tahiya and I would like to apply to be your overseas rep in the SAS next year. While I'm not technically from overseas myself, my parents are and so I personally know what it's like trying to merge together another culture with British culture, it's definitely something I can relate to. I'm friendly and welcoming and easy to get along with, and I promise to do everything I can to help the  students from overseas settle into the institute and London. I'd make sure to support them with everything I can, whether its finding out technical information to do with papers, or even just having a cup of tea with anyone who's feeling homesick! I'd fulfil my role with a lot of empathy and enthusiasm, so I hope you will consider me. 


Hannah Woodfield

Moving into a new culture can be really difficult, and believe me British culture is not the easiest one to adapt to. I know this because I've recently had to re-adapt to British culture myself, as I spent the majority of my life in other countries. I understand the problems that you have to face when you turn up in a new country with a new culture, a new education system, where you don't know anyone, and when it's all in a different language (even if English is your first language, British English is completely different!) I think that my first hand experience of all of these problems will mean that I can understand and help anyone who has to make this rather scary transition as I can draw upon my own experiences of all the different problems you can encounter moving to the UK specifically and the problems you encounter from moving your life into another culture and country. 

I want to be your overseas representative and I hope you agree with me. 


Hannah Woodfield
Specialist Degree's Representative:

Lucy Cope:

Hi all!
I'm Lucy, first year Classical Archaeology BA student, and I'd like to run for the position of Specialist Degrees rep. 
I've found the Institute a very welcoming place, and really enjoyed my first year so far, so I'd love to be able to give something back and help Specialist Degree first years next year, as well as contribute to the running of the SAS in general. I may seem small and quiet, but I'm capable of making my voice heard and taking on positions of responsibility when need be. I am very approachable and am always willing to help those with a problem as best as I can. I was one of my Upper Sixth Prefects, a role which required me to organise activities for younger students, as well as organising the students themselves, and representing my school to various people including parents of students and visitors to the school. I carried out with diligence and delight, and a number of students as well as the teacher I worked under commented on how friendly and hard working I was, and how much effort I put into my role. My New Year's Resolution for 2013 was 'do not suffer fools', and while I may be straying slightly from the saying's original meaning, I integrate this into my life by not letting anyone walk over me, but standing up for what's best for myself and others, and not putting up with bullies and bigots. 
In terms of my hobbies and interests, my main hobbies are reading (especially fantasy/adventure novels), playing video games and spending time on the internet. I also enjoy watching television, especially crime/mystery drama and sci-fi shows, as well as history and nature documentaries. You can always count on me to slip references to Doctor Who or Lord of the Rings into everyday conversations, and if I'm in a good mood you will find me humming the soundtracks of various movies, tv shows or video games. I also enjoy acting, and before I came to University I was heavily involved with my local youth theatre. I hope to get back into drama next year.
Vote for me, and I promise I will not let you down.
Thank you!
Lucy C
Caspar Cech-Lucas:

hello all
my name is Caspar Cech-Lucas and i would love to be the SAS's specialist degrees rep. i was completely bowled over by the welcome i received from the SAS and the whole department when i arrived at UCL and i would be honored to put on the same kind of show when the new 1st years arrive. it creates a closer, more cohesive environment where people are encouraged to make friends. From speaking to people who study other degrees, and complain about a lack of unity and inclusion, i can really see the benefit of what the SAS do. i do Classical archaeology and classical civilizations, and that's because i'm really in to classical history. i started studying at A-level but always had a real interest in Greek mythology and the history of the time, so when i saw this degree, which combines all those aspects with a lot of real world application there was no question whether it was for me. i also did an extended project on the development of Hellenistic sculpture just because i love Greek art so much.if i can answer any questions, or help people who have a similar interest to me and may be feeling a bit nervous as they have just started university then i feel like i would really be a productive member of the SAS. im a sociable guy and i feel as if i could handle the responsibilities that being a member of the SAS entails. basically, id really like the position and think that i would do a good job 

Lucy Smith: 

Hi everyone,
Iím running for treasurer quite simply because Iíd love to be part of the SAS, and I think itís the SAS position Iíd be best suited to holding.
Treasurer is a possibly unglamorous but quite important role as, obviously, the money available to the SAS restricts what they can do, so the better the money is managed, the better the quality of event they can provide. My money management skills are excellent: Iíve never bankrupted, overspent, or generally blown my budget, without ever being stingy, so given that I fastidiously keep track of all my own spending, Iím sure Iíll be more than capable of looking after the SAS funds. Iíve got the usual CV friendly roster of extra-curricular activities demonstrating my responsibility and team work skills, too: D of E, involvement in guiding including leading a brownie pack, sitting on my schoolís forum, volunteer work at a care home and the aforementioned supervisor position. I also hope Iím friendly and approachable enough that as a general member of the SAS Iíd not only be able to interact well with the institute student body Iím representing, but help make next yearís freshers feel as welcome as we did.
Thanks for reading,
Lucy Smith

Disabilities Representative:

Beth Hinton-Lever:

Hey everyone,
Iím Beth (hopefully most of you will know who I am by now) Iím studying Classical Civilisations and Classical Archaeology and Iíd love to be elected as your new Disabilities Rep!
As you must have all realised by now (and if not, prepare yourself for a shock) I was born without my lower right forearm with does make me by definition ďdisabledĒ. However, I donít feel or act ďdisabledĒ Ėwell I try not to- so I hope that the new first years as well as everyone else will agree Iíd be a good person to have as this officer as instead of making people feel like itís a big scary thing to come to university with a disability Iíd love to be able to show them that you can own it and make friends and get out there without feeling embarrassed, ashamed or any other negative feeling they may have. I hope youíll all agree when I say that Iím an approachable person and so I hope that anyone and everyone will be able to come up to me with any questions or concerns they may have!
 Love your new Disabilities Rep, Beth Hinton-Lever (FINGERS CROSSED) xxx

Josie Short: 

Hey everyone,
I would like to put myself forward as a disabilitiesí representative. The role of disabilities representative covers not only physical and learning disabilities but also mental disorders, which is an area not often talked about but does severely affect a large number of students and is certainly a disability. We have experience of mental health issues, both in suffering and recovering from them, and would like to use this to help other people undergoing the same problems. Mental illness can be incredibly isolating, given the stigma and the lack of visibility or understanding of the issues involved. It has wide-reaching effects, making the day-to-day activities like work, studying or even socialising, something so easily taken for granted, almost impossible to undertake. As many as 1 in 5 teenagers will suffer from some kind of mental illness, something that becomes shockingly apparent the more people you speak to about these issues.  When one bears in mind how difficult and stressful the transition between school and university can be, itís important that people have a lifeline in the form of someone who understands and can help. Speaking from personal experience, the support of people of around you is of absolute importance and I extend mine towards anyone who needs it, as those around me have offered.
I will endeavour to help the voices of all disabled students become heard and to cater to their needs, as well as always being there to talk or to talk to others on their behalf. I feel that I am open and approachable, as well as being hard working and committed to disability and mental health issues. I am familiar with UCLís Disabilities Service and Student Psychological Services, and are informed about the current regulations regarding disabilities. Whilst the stigma attached to mental illness and disability can make it hard to admit to or ask for help, both the department and university are incredibly understanding and I would like to help disabled students navigate the systems put in place to help them.
I have taken part in the Toe-By-Toe program at her sixth form, which helps younger dyslexic students improve their literacy and numeracy skills, as well as counselling younger pupils as they moved from primary to secondary school.
Although running alone was never my plan, I feel that the possibility of helping people has much more value than letting my anxiety disorder dictate what I can and cannot do. I also have the complete support of Max who has further experience and is also willing to help anyone who needs it.
I hope you consider me,